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Director. Writer. Performer 

Calli started directing after a decade of working as a professional actor in TV, Film, and Theater.   While writing and performing comedic characters and sketches at the Groundlings and the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angles, she took directing classes at UCLA Extension.  Knowing her focus was comedy, she moved to Chicago to study at the Harold Ramis Film School at the Second City Chicago.  She loves working with actors and giving them a guided playpen to shine.  Humor is a coping mechanism to bring people together and to heal insecurities. She’d like the opportunity to connect with others through directing material with humor and heart.



Chanel No. 6 a Perfume parody

Directed by: Calli Ryals and Kana Felix

Written by: Kana Felix

Edited by Calli Ryals


Written and Directed by Calli Ryals

Edited by Ellie Hall

Starring Heidi Weitzer and Norm


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